The idea to invent a new type of “engine” with a final output of well over 100% came about in 2003; the prototype was completed in 2016, and the experimental results demonstrated, to those who believe it, that it is mechanically possible.

This improved turbine makes use of a new way of coupling each engine with its respective power supplier (electric motor – alternator, etc.); it can be stated that whereas classic couplings are at constant mechanical power and variable kinetic energy, this new way of coupling takes advantage of the fact the kinetic energy is constant, and the mechanical power on the power supplier is variable. Technically speaking, when the turbine is fully operational it can power itself.

If you read the patent reports on this site, both in Italian and English, you will find detailed technical explanations that will clarify how it is possible, from a physical standpoint, to multiply the power of any motor “coupled according to this new concept” to the corresponding power supplier.

Below are some random thoughts intended for a limited audience.

Random Thoughts

Random ThoughtsI am one of many people born in 1966; that date is now starting to seem far off. In kindergarten they put me on the millstone, and I couldn’t figure out why I had to struggle so much, with my little steps, to withstand my companion in adventure; at the age of 37, I understood why.

As an elderly woman who was born in my building used to say, in reference to a dear relative of ours: “Necessity is the mother of invention,” and country folk used to know more about that than many other, more “illustrious” thinkers. I hope the energy spent to justify this “technology” used for millennia doesn’t fall into the void that surrounds us but provides the impetus to revolutionise the lives of many people.

If these CCS (“Experimental Creative Culture”) turbines, with tested outputs well over 100%, achieve one of my great dreams, I would hope that the following events would occur, out of the likely variables.

Scientific Implications

Scientific ImpicationsThe functioning prototype I made, in its electrical version, demonstrates how FREE ENERGY can be obtained from mechanical energy. A heretofore unimaginable concept, but which the reality of the facts and the experiments conducted confirms. They confirm that the technology used for millennia, the same one that in kindergarten was applied to the millstone, in reality was and is a system that multiples the applied power. The more I reduce the grindstone’s arm, the more I multiply the donkey’s applied power, and I get far more than 100% output. With my improved mill, the thrust engine can be powered directly by the power supplier, because the electricity necessary to sustain it can be transmitted to it. Instead of electricity, compressed air or compressed water can be used. The physical principle on which this invention is based does NOT contradict what has been up to now reported in physics books; rather, something new is added, which has a very old “flavour” to it but which many people overlooked for such a long time – perhaps too long.

Environmental Implications

Enviromental Implications• There is no need to look for, extract, transport or process any fuel; we can even do without large power lines. We need only build “locally” the turbines needed to meet the energy demand.

• CCS turbines can also produce moving energy – machines that run on air, and in fact they could actually clean it.

• Low-cost energy does not mean forgetting about energy from renewable sources, because that type of energy could be used to “turn on” the CCS turbines.

• Low-cost energy does not mean cooling the desert or heating up the poles; in any case, that would be an environmental disaster caused by “clean” pollution. The energy balance, for example for the individual building, should be cancelled out to the extent possible. I must not create “clean pollution”.

Economic Implications

Economic ImplicationsThis invention of mine has realised the dreams of many, but not of everyone. I would like all of them to realise my dream: with part of the money saved on their electrical bills, I hope a big chunk of it, I hope an institution (CCS) is set up in every state that will see that everyone gets a civil and worthy life in all those countries that need water (which is life), medicine, seed, food, technology and education, without affecting their way of life and their way of living in this world. In this case, a new, innovative tool will need to be institutionalised: VIRTUAL MONEY, to avoid or rather limit theft of all kinds, which would deprive the very CCS institution of its historical meaning. I am not saying that CCS has to remain forever, but at least for the next 50 years.

Social Implications

Social ImplicationsIt goes without saying that CCS turbines can be moved around “locally” and energy production need not be concentrated in the hands of a very few companies. But how can this decision be handled? Who knows how many consumers – whatever their size – would pay to invest in a CCS turbine in order to free themselves from the monthly bill that weighs on their corporate or family budget. Personnel and workers can be distributed locally and optimised. The world needs effective people who resolve problems and who are innovative and creative. CCS itself needs such people.

Imagination is the arm of knowledge; let’s give space to this moment of power and to those who have the capacity for it.

Political Implications

Political ImplicationsSomeone said to me that we all have our price!!! And he was right. Concentrating power in the hands of a few means that one or more of them can be bought off by others, with all the implications the newspapers are constantly describing to us; but buying off a multitude of people is a major problem for anyone. That is the shortcoming in the representative system: you force a consensus and then you “split” and act in your own behalf. How rude is that!

In this global era, when we are all within reach of tools that can let us decide directly about so many things, and the representative validates and guarantees the decisions of all, and not just his own, which at best can be suggestions… Therefore, just as these turbines redistribute the ability to produce among multiple parties, so should policy no longer concentrate power but only the guarantee of respect for a civil society.

From a historical standpoint, this could be the start of a new period that I like to call “Civil Society,” a society that behaves like one, uses a new source of energy and a new currency, “virtual money.” A currency in which economic weight is associated with its civil/social role according to the type of investment to be made; we can’t go on thinking that a euro invested in purchasing a sock can have the same value as a euro invested to save the life of a child with a simple injection. “Virtual money” has someone who holds its purely economic value, an intended purpose, an expiration date and, depending on how it is spent, it takes on a more or less enhanced virtual or social value.


Best wishes to civil societies and to the new generations, to everyone his role with civility and dignity, just to change the world.

I owe heartfelt thanks to all my family who have helped me in so many ways to deal with my thoughts and my tensions, to those who have given me a hand, to my forever friends and my friends in the “Company of the Celestines” who have made my life less difficult than it might have been.

Warm greetings to all of them.

Alessandro Leghi
March 14, 2012