Playful tales for "children"

How to colonize another planet and how we were colonized

If we dominated gravity as seen in the technical note n.3 we could reach unimaginable velocities, distort time and our lifespan. At this point we could be ready to explore a fraction of our universe; like we see in movies, trying to colonize other planets hoping not to cause harm (it’d be difficult).
But I’m convinced that we are “peculiar machines” set up for Earth and terrestrial gravity; because of the gravity difference I think it’d be hard to adapt to another planet, even if it were similar; we could adapt linking ourselves genetically to some native species; if we have the knowledge to do what said previously, we have the knowledge to do this as well; in order to adapt to the new planet we could genetically intervene to create a race similar to us; we could lose some characteristics but gain others, including being able to live on the new planet.
Somewhere I read that in ancient books and in some representations there are hints of beings who came from the sky who taught us a lot; probably not enough for us not to destroy ourselves and anyways all that knowledge was lost in time. They didn’t teach us everything they knew; maybe because we weren’t ready or maybe for some other reason; ignorance helps the powerful. If we could go back thousands of years, we could discover we were the result of some genetic experiments perpetrated by various sources who generated human species, some extinct or exterminated ; while being created we could have lost some characteristics (i.e. immortality, telepathy) in exchange of awareness (if we can call it that) and the ability to survive on Earth. A fascinating theory of our evolutionary beginning that could take us to new conceptual, spiritual and cognitive advancements, rather than physical.

As I always say these are just tales to tell children; one of them might possess the truth in their subconscious and might be able to bring it to light and give meaning to our universal mission.
Some questions remain: those who created us… are they dead? Are they hiding? Did they blend in with us? Or they took off to other destinations leaving us with our earthly weaknesses we inherited from them?
Everyone is free to think however they want… when it comes from the enthusiasm of questioning everything and everyone, thinking can’t be limited, corrupted or directed while trying to give universal solutions with a bit of coherence…

Alessandro Leghi,
6 January 2017