Playful tales for "children"

The G Bomb

A time not long ago yet not short ago there were a lot of people, evolved animals and everyone had something unique, some were from the NORTH, some from the SOUTH, some from the EAST, and some from the WEST.
Some/lots of powerful people needed slaves to live while the others were often slaves. For thousands of years they needed each other for survival and guarantee a future (lands, food, water, well-being…). After a while both groups got too big and they didn’t need to rely on each other anymore: the rich people still needed slaves but the rest of the people didn’t need anyone. No more co-dependency, a lot had been discovered and invented but not enough and people didn’t want to be slaves anymore.
Some of them studied more than others; they did so in a creative way as well to find a solution and they started to study their uniqueness, peculiarity, aptitude and inclination… they studied everything and everyone to find a sure but feeble link and they found a common trait between every group… so feeble to be hit.
Then it came…the G bomb that can destroy anyone that has that particular trait in their uniqueness in a short amount of time using “1 m³ of gas”.
In the following wars there won’t be ways out with the G bomb; like selective weed killer in agriculture first people will get sick and then will die; a few roots survive and everything starts again, but there’s no rebirth with the G bomb, on the contrary in order to eliminate 1 element “1000” will be mercilessly destroyed…
The problem and the issue is to understand and to get there first, there’s no time to lose but the effects will be apocalyptic even if this diversity is shield us. The G bomb can annihilate a multitude of similar and akin people.
We’re not far from the G bomb but who will it control first…? NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST… Criminals, thieves, corrupt people, those who aren’t empathic and want to hurt others… Surely the few/many without slaves won’t go anywhere, people just want to live but this is not enough to come first.

This tale hides a thought of reality/possibility of the future… unsettling… where who comes second doesn’t have any chance. Reality sometimes goes beyond fantasy and I, too would want to get to the G bomb first… someone should pay… no mercy!!!!!!

November 11th, 2018
One war ends another begins