Playful tale for “children”



The CCS turbine has many analogies with our solar system and in a way it validates the expansion and the support of the universe.

The analogy is simple: the engines are our planets, the sun is the power supplier (alternator) set directly on the central shaft of the turbine.

While rototranslating the planets practically push the “energy” onto the sun; the energy that the sun receives is multiplied and thanks to that the sun can support the two movements of every planet by sending energy in the form of the succession light/dark, gravity/magnetic fields and who knows what else.

The many “suns” need the “energy” in excess to support the galaxy; perhaps by interacting with another “turbine” of a “superior level”.

Whereas the electric CCS turbine has electric engines and alternators and the electrons and the electric energy are the thrust flow…what’s the energetic flow sent and traded in our solar system? I think it’s the succession light/dark combined with gravity/magnetic fields and who knows what other energetic form that makes the planets rototraslate…the light emission from the sun hide many things from us…the constant light emission from the sun makes the planets rototraslate, but how do the planets push energy onto the sun? Probably with their mass, gravity/magnetic fields…or it gives the sun a certain conduct…

How long will this sun support the movements of our planets?...Are we sure it “burns” and emits just light?...Apart from the constant light emission what are the effects of this combustion? What if the light has a “mass” multiplied by its velocity?...its energetic extent would be “scary”…

Assumed the energy produced by the universe mega turbine is available right away, every second I’d have an always greater quantity of energy, but according to how the CCS turbines work I’d have a constant increase of energy every second, so the universe expands infinitively to keep the energetic density constant…to know more we need to know if the universe expands constantly in our unit of time or if its expansion tends to zero. This is the dilemma…I think we can make the following considerations:

Let’s assume the universe as a big sphere wit radius R; after a second the radius is Rxa, I hypothesize the energy in every unit of surface is always constant in time; this makes sense otherwise the universe wouldn’t expand everywhere or it would anomalously. If it weren’t constant, it would lose energy and its expansion would be close to zero. I think the work the universe does at its limits is constant and this is where is important to establish if “a” is constant or if it tends to zero. If a is constant the total energy in the universe increases every second exponentially, whereas if “a” tends to zero to infinity, the energy increases in a constant and linear way.


This given example can be related to a baloon fueled by an always open tap; the pressure inside the balloon and on the lateral surface is always constant; if “a” is constant the flow rate increases in an exponential way; if “a” tends to zero the flow is constant to infinity.

Being “a” a very small value compared to R, it’s like the entire system pulsates…like a human heart…

Is “a” constant or does it tend to zero to infinity?
It’s essential…if it’s constant other systems could get absorbed during the expansion and then they produce energy…if it tends to zero to infinity nothing gets absorbed and the universe will pulsate to infinity hoping there won’t be an inversion of the universal tendency…

If we consider the energy distributed per unit of volume instead of surface the formulas are:

E’ = E x a³

In my humble opinion the CCS turbine increases the power applied in its equipment and all we need to do is measure if “a” is constant or if it tends to zero to infinity…I don’t know in what period of time it can be proved or measured…but there are other important questions: if we’re truly expanding what are we pushing? What “work” on the lateral surface does the energy do? The “alternators” or the “engines” will weaken…is our universe just a power supplier for other engines or is it an engine? If “a” tends to zero to infinity, when will the expansion stop? And the universe will PULSATE exactly like a human heart!!!

Too many questions and no certainty…
Before finding the answers we could be extinct or worse we could be the cause of our extinction…

Alessandro Leghi
2004/ 2009 / 2015