Playful tales for "children"


My 50 years are a distant memory, they haven’t always been serene and a lot of people know why. I don’t watch tv anymore but I have a fond memory of some tv series and good sci-fi movie where we could “see” objects that could fly and move at high speed; after a lot of work, now I think I can “see” why and give an informed answer!!!!!!

Let’s work with the imagination rooted in our rationality.

Imagine being on a space shuttle where you can distort time by a significant value (e.g. 18.000 times) and travel at a terrestrial speed of 60.000 Km/h. Slowing down the time by 18.000 might seem crazy but the effects are exponential in a shuttle with a 5^-level -“trickled-down” turbine and the time distortion between different turbines has a low and reliable value. The most important thing is that the “subjective” speed of the people inside the shuttle is the speed of light (great proof as a ridiculous character used to say).

Now, if I were on Earth and I saw this flying object still and a 10th of a second afterwards far away, just like in the movies of my childhood, it would be because this object moves slowing down time compared to my terrestrial context so that its contextualized speed reaches promptly the speed of light.

Now I’m going to make a scientific gamble. Analogically to what previously said I can say that light can move at 300.000 terrestrial Km/s because it can change time, not that time gets distorted because one travels at the speed of light. Let’s go back to the example : if we could build space shuttles that can distort time by 20.000 times and that travel at the terrestrial speed of 60.000 Km/h, we could go beyond the subjective speed of lght… Huge gamble… if we saw this flying object from Earth, what would we see…? What could we expect…?

It’s only a beautiful rationalized and contextualized story but in order not to be mistaken for a visionary an experimental test is obviously necessary; it’s still remains a FASCINATING rational path that hs its roots in the imagination but also in lots of hours spent thinking, consciously working and imagining a coherent and sustainable world.

Climate changes present new problems and, to adapt to these changes in order to decently surviving, using new technologies is important; new technologies that help but can’t solve an enormous problem that we’re responsible for. What today is super technology it will soon be public domain and then I (if I’m still here) will be available to soothe and consciously oppose these new problems, together with other people. Big companies will realize that to have a future they won’t have to exclusively think to make profit; it’s utter criminal madness with disturbing results and we have proof of it…..recently and in the past…….

This year is almost over => happy 2020 to those who have a cosmic affinity….we’re there, for those who don’t get it…it’s their problem.

Alessandro Leghi – December 2019-January 2020