Playful tales for “children”



TAfter Easter I had a brilliant idea.
I had been looking for an analogy between the turbine with rototranslating alternator and with out-of-phase adaptors between alternator and engine (the one with slowed-down alternator) and in the end I had an idea after the tests with the torsiometer.

In the system universe, the phase difference between the engines (e.g. planets) and the alternators (suns) or other engines (other planets) is caused by the gravity that’s able to distort time.

On the mechanical turbine I slow down the component displacement on the alternator by putting out of phase the adaptors, while on the astrophysical turbine I slow down (I distort) the component time producing the effects written in my patent report.

On the mechanical turbine the alternator follows the engine of the same angular displacement (even though in reality, from an energetic point of view, the alternator is slowed down by the ratio between the coefficients of reduction of the adaptors); on the astrophysical turbine the same thing occurs even though the alternator (the sun) is fixed on the “central shaft”.

The same goes considering the elliptical path of the planets; it seems like they’ve been following each other for an eternity but from an energetic point of view they’re out-of –phase from one another because each planet gravity distorts the component time, as previously seen.

So even though it seems a paradox from an energetic point of view, the elliptic paths of each planet towards the sun are completely different from what we can observe with a telescope and from the little we know.

If it were like that, each planet would influence the sun from an energetic point of view, but then they would influence each other in a different manner from what we know.

Going even further, we can imagine that in order to travel from a planet to another (from a time distortion to another) and to perceive as we are on earth, it’s necessary we realign to the “frequency” (different time distortion) of the planet we’re on, otherwise we would have a distorted vision of what we see compared to what we’re used to on earth. It’d be like trying to “see” and “communicate” with a radio using a non-tuned frequency… everything is completely distorted and incomprehensible. Perhaps this is the reason that to this day we were not able to find or communicate with other beings… simply because we can’t tune in to “time distortions” different from ours.

Unfortunately I don’t have the information and the means to go into detail but the concepts could be useful to others who know more than me…

To reach new concepts and new knowledge we hope => socially useful

Alessandro Leghi
March 27 2016